What is a weighted duvet and how does it work?

The weighted duvet (sensory duvet) looks like an ordinary one, but it is not. It is heavier and serves as an effective tool for treating deep sensation disorders. It puts a pressure on your body, generating effects usually achieved with therapeutic techniques to stimulate proprioception. While sensory integration experts particularly recommend the use of sensory duvets for children, adults also start to develop the preference for a weighted duvet rather than a standard one.

How does a weighted duvet work and who should consider buying it?

Weighted duvet – advantages

The most important benefits of using a weighted duvet on a regular basis include:

  • stimulation of the proprioceptive system - supports sensory integration, reduces anxiety and boosts physician and mental activity
  • increasing the sense of security - due to its weight, it gently presses on the body, which gives the impression of being hugged,
  • reducing the level of stress and tension - helps to calm down, get rid of negative thoughts and free from worries and concerns,
  • improving the quality and comfort of sleep - has a positive effect on the deep sleep phase, in which the body regenerates most effectively,
  • fighting against insomnia - it improves the functioning of the endocrine system and well-being,
  • as an element of sensory integration therapy – enables effective rest, improves concentration and reduces anxiety.

Who is the weighted duvet for?

The sensory duvet has been designed for people seeking to improve the quality of their sleep and regenerate their bodies. With this duvet on, the body fully regenerates overnight, which improves your health and well-being, and make you feel energetic.

The weighted duvet can be a priceless tool used to fight various diseases and ailments, e.g. depression, neurosis or anxiety. Such people struggle with a number symptoms, which the sensory duvet helps to fight effectively.

A weighted duvet – what ailments can it be used for?

The purchase of a weighted duvet is recommended to people suffering from ailments such as:

  • sleep disorders,
  • insomnia,
  • depression,
  • ADHD,
  • autism,
  • Asperger's syndrome,
  • anxiety disorders,
  • dementia,
  • Alzheimer,
  • Parkinson,
  • psychosomatic issues.

Remember, however, that sleeping under a sensory duvet is only an element of therapy and will not replace specialist treatment.

How to correctly choose the weight of the weighted duvet?

The weighted duvets available on the market weigh from a few to several kilograms. To maximize the results of sleeping under such a duvet, its weight must be tailored to individual needs of your body. The weight of the duvet should be about 10% of the body weight. So if someone weighs, for example, 70 kg, a suitable sensory duvet should weigh about 7 kg.