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Deluxe duvet

SENRIC® Premium weighted duvet

The exclusive solution for a better night's sleep!

A healthy night's sleep is one of the principles of proper functioning of the body. How can you ensure a relaxing and beneficial rest? Just use the SENRIC® Premium weighted duvet! It will help you fall asleep faster and get a better, healthier rest so that you can start the day with new energy!

How does the SENRIC® PREMIUM duvet work?

  • It is made of the highest quality materials, which is a guarantee of a peaceful, therapeutic sleep.
  • It provides a pleasant pressure on the whole body while falling asleep as well as during sleep, thus helping to reduce stress levels.
  • It stimulates the proprioceptive system, thus improving reactions to sensory stimuli and allowing better and faster relaxation after a busy day.
  • It significantly improves the quality of sleep, guaranteeing a better night's rest in a shorter period of time.

SENRIC® Premium duvet - a good night's sleep for demanding people

The SENRIC® Premium weighted duvet is a unique solution for people who value healthy sleep, comfort and aesthetics. Senric® Premium weighted duvets are made of two layers of cotton fabric that have an air layer between them.

Thanks to being filled with glass microspheres it presses on the body in a pleasant way during rest, enabling faster calming and more comfortable sleep.

The dense quilting of the duvet ensures better distribution of pressure while sleeping, additionally increasing its quality. Moreover, it is an interesting aesthetic element.

The soft velvet case with a practical zip provides additional thermal protection for colder nights.

The SENRIC® Premium duvet is a synonym for comfort and health, not only due to its therapeutic pressure, but also due to the highest quality of its materials. It is pleasant to the touch and safe cotton with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate for Trustworthy Textiles!

The quilt is a balanced combination of therapeutic properties, comfort and aesthetics. It ensures better, deeper sleep and a more complete rest, and with its extra case made of velvet fabric it guarantees comfort and warmth even on cold days. In addition, thanks to its original aesthetics, it is also a decorative element in every bedroom!

The SENRIC® Premium duvet is a unique product that was made especially for you.

The quilt is suitable for people who require a weight from 4 to 12 kg. It is available in the following sizes: 140x200, 140x220, 155x200, 155x220

Choose your duvet and have a healthy sleep!