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SENRIC® sensory blanket

Healthy sleep for your baby!

The senric® sensory blanket is a simple and proven way to improve your baby's sleep quality from the first years of life. The blanket gently weights the baby's body during both sleep and falling asleep, thus providing:

  • an increased sense of security. It gives the impression of being hugged or embraced, enabling the baby to fall asleep more easily;
  • stimulation of the proprioceptive system, allowing the child to develop correct reactions to sensory stimuli ( it is also an element of SI therapy);
  • faster calming before bedtime or naptime after play;
  • a good night's rest, giving new energy for children's adventures.

What distinguishes the senric® sensory blanket?

The Senric® blanket is extremely comfortable and pleasant to touch. It consists of two layers - a delicate cotton material and a velvet Minky fabric, which gently tucks the baby in, providing comfort and a sense of security. It is made of certified materials of the highest quality - durable and safe, even for children with allergies and skin problems.

Thanks to the filling with glass microbeads and special quilting, it ensures appropriate - delicate, but perceptible - therapeutic pressure on the whole body.

The blanket is available in various sizes and weights, so you can easily find the most suitable one for your baby!

Thanks to the sensory blanket, your little one will sleep comfortably, healthily and safely. Use it in your baby's bed for short naps, or even while strolling along in the pram!