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Deluxe Kids duvet

SENRIC® Premium Kids sensory quilt

Ensure a healthy and comfortable sleep for your child. An exclusive sensory quilt will help you achieve it. The SENRIC® Premium Kids quilt is a top-quality weighted duvet, proven by experts and satisfied users. It is a product created for your child.

How does the SENRIC® Premium Kids weighted duvet work?

The weighted blanket stimulates the functioning of the proprioceptive system, which stimulates the so-called deep feeling. As a result, it is possible:

  • to calm down the body faster after a day full of excitement
  • to reduce stress levels
  • to achieve full relaxation after a short rest
  • to obtain emotional and mental wellbeing.

SENRIC® Premium Kids helps improve sleep quality. By feeling of being tucked in, a baby feels safe, secure and calm.

SENRIC® Premium Kids quilt is a top quality product to be loved by your child.

SENRIC® Premium Kids sensory quilt - ideal solution to sleep even better

SENRIC® Premium Kids sensory quilt satisfies all the needs of the most sensitive and demanding children.

  • It is filled with glass microspheres that pleasantly "press" on the body. Made of two layers of top-quality certified cotton, with an additional layer of air between them, it guarantees an extremely comfortable rest.
  • It is distinguished by its dense quilting, resulting in a better weight balance - making sleep even more effective.
  • It has been manufactured from the highest quality fabrics - they have received the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Trustworthy Textile Certificate.
  • It can be used all year round - an additional cover made of Minky fabric provides protection against cold.
  • It is available in a wide range of sizes - 90x130, 100x160, 110x180.
  • It is offered with a zipper cover made of extremely delicate and pleasant Minky fabric, which provides an additional thermal protection in winter.

SENRIC® Premium Kids weighted duvet is a solution that supports falling asleep faster and a stress-free and deep sleep. While supporting an effective nighttime rest, it also helps to increase concentration and focus during the day.

Buy now to ensure your child finally stops having problems and difficulties with falling asleep and functions properly during the day. Make your child feel special.