Weighted duvets and pillows - your way to a good, restful night's sleep

The sleeping time determines your health and mood. When you sleep, your organism undergoes processes which give you energy for a new day.

Make sure your sleep is healthy and regenerates your body and mind. Senric® sensory products will help you achieve these goals.

Buy them if you:

  • have difficulty with falling asleep,
  • wake up tired and without energy,
  • your child has been advised to undergo a sensory therapy,
  • want to calm nerves, reduce stress and sleep better.

What kind of ailments do our weighted products also help to reduce?

  • Insomnia or sleep disturbances,
  • ADHD,
  • Asperger's syndrome,
  • Autism,
  • Depression,
  • Disorders and anxiety,
  • Dementia,
  • People with symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease.

See our solutions and sleep well.. As simple as that.

Benefits of using SENRIC® quilts

Improves sleep quality – perfect solution for insomnia issues

Improves sleep quality – perfect solution for insomnia issues

Reduces stress and relaxes

Reduces stress and relaxes

Increases focus at the day time

Increases focus at the day time


It relaxes

Provides a sense of safety and comfort

Provides a sense of safety and comfort

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And much more...

According to specialists and our customers, the use of sensory quilts significantly reduces the feeling of anxiety and stress. The properties of the SENRIC® weighted blanket make it release the so-called happiness hormone and at the same time the cortisol level of the so-called stress hormone is reduced.

The SENRIC® weighted blanket guarantees a feeling of safety and relaxation through a gentle and pleasant pressure. While using it, one is relaxed, feels comfortable during the whole day, and at night it allows one to sleep well and calmly.

SENRIC® weighted blankets are perfect in every aspect. In addition to their exceptional properties, they are also excellent products designed by our specialists. They are such unique products that people will not want to stop using them.

Our products are made from premium quality, safe and durable materials, in close cooperation with specialists and therapists.

Everything just for our customers' comfort and safety.

Our quilt is a medical device.
Specialists and our customers confirm that the sensory products are effective

I ordered a quilt for my daughter, they advised me on a suitable weight. A wide range of patterns. The quilt is as arranged.


A high-quality product which performs perfectly, very nice design, suitable to a boy.


The sensory blanket was very nice, my child liked it at once. It is a high-quality product. We use it every evening.


A wide range of patterns, you can choose the one for boy and a girl. It is a high-quality product and, importantly, is therapeutic.


A high-quality product which performs perfectly, very nice design, suitable to a boy.


We use a premium quilt which is a top-quality product. My husband used to deal with insomnia but now can sleep all night long and wakes up well-rested.

Elizabeth and Adalbert

At first sight sensory pillows and quilts do not differ from casual variants. The difference is however in their filling. There are glass micro-spheres inside. It is a unique filling which causes the quilt to press the body gently and evenly when you sleep, thus influencing your receptors responsible for the so-called proprioceptive sensation. Their weight should be about 10% of your body’s weight.

Our products are manufactured in Europe with the use of best materials and fabrics granted a certificate of OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 / TUV-RHEINLAND.

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How sensory pillows and quilts work?

Sensory quilt

  • stimulates the proprioceptive system – responsible for a sense of orientation of own body position,
  • makes you feel hugged or embraced,
  • reduces stress and lets your organism calm down,
  • improves the quality of sleep – has a highly positive impact at the deep sleep stage in which your organism regenerates most effectively,
  • guarantees top comfort of sleep – effectively counteracts insomnia,
  • performs well as a part of SI therapy (sensory integration therapy) – allows you to rest effectively, which assures better concentration during the day, relaxes and eliminates a sense of fear or anxiety.

Sensory pillow

  • assures deep stimulation of proprioceptive system to support the sense of orientation of body position and proper reaction to sensory stimuli,
  • has a considerable impact on your concentration when you study,
  • is used during SI therapy conducted by specialists and at home,
  • complements a sensory quilt perfectly.

The deep but gentle pressure of the duvet allows you to feel safe and at ease. Already after a short rest, using the SENRIC® weighted blanket you will feel relaxed and relaxed. All this will make your body release the happiness hormone and melatonin, responsible for good sleep, which has a positive effect on the immune system of our body. Thanks to this, we acquire greater resistance to the action of bacteria and viruses.

Who are sensory quilts and pillows intended for?

Everyone who intends to improve the quality of their sleep. Weighed quilts and sensory pillows we offer are intended for:


especially those who require a sensory integration therapy (e.g. with ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, autism, anxiety disorders, depression, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer and other psychosomatic issues).


they improve the quality of your sleep and consequently give you more energy, better mood and health.

Why is worth to buy our products?


We use the latest encryption technology guaranteeing the security of your data and payments.

Top quality

We manufacture sensory pillows and quilts from carefully selected materials.

Friendly to allergy sufferers

In the process of sewing sensory pillows and quilts, we use fabrics and materials which do not sensitize and which foster top quality of sleep.

Wide range of sizes and patterns

We will help you choose the right weighted product for your age and weight.


Order online and wait for delivery. The lead time is short.


Our products and any materials necessary for their manufacturing are made in Europe.


For your convenience, we offer multiple payment methods, including fast transfer or credit card.


While choosing our products you have 21 days to check their quality.


The positive effects of weighted duvets are confirmed by experts and our customers. Our great experience is a guarantee of the highest quality.

Sensory quilts as an aid in the flight against depression

Depression is one of the most serious civilization diseases of the 21st century. Depressed mood, discouragement, emptiness and hopelessness, or a lack of willingness to act are symptoms that cannot be underestimated. One of the tools supporting the flight against depression are sensory quilts. See how!

And you are struggling with depression? Are you affected by anxiety? Or maybe you feel constant pressure and stress? In such situations, it is very important to support your body in many ways. One of the elements that effectively suport such therapy is healthy sleep under the sensory duvet.

Sensory quilts as an aid in the flight against depression

How does the sensory quilt help with depression, neurosis and anxiety?


Stimulates the proprioreceptive system

Thus, it supports sensory integration, which reduces the feeling of general anxiety and stimulates the body and mind to activity. Thus, you can more effectively fight the apathy accompanying depression.


Gives a sense of security

The sensory quilt is heavy, which gently presses on the body, giving the impression of being embraced or cuddled.


Reduces stress and tension

It helps to calm down and ease negative thoughts.


Helps fight insomnia

Good sleep quality translates into better well-being and proper functioning of the endorcine system. Any disorder in this regard may also aggravate depression symptoms.

SENRIC® weighted blanket for insomnia

SENRIC® weighted blanket for insomnia

According to estimates, the problem of insomnia may affect almost half of people in the world, and this is the cause of many serious diseases.

Too short sleep or poor quality sleep has a very negative impact on our daily functioning, including on well-being, mental and physical health, and even our appearance.

There is irritability, anxiety, fatigue, headache.

Problems with insomnia, too short or restless sleep are often the first sign of some serious diseases, including depression, neurological and neuroimmune diseases.

With sleep deprivation, our immune system produces fewer and fewer antibodies, and therefore cannot effectively fight infection.

For this reason, problems with sleep cannot be taken lightly, especially if it is prolonged. Our weighted blanket, thanks to its unusual properties, is perfect for problems with insomnia.

Remember - better sleep means better and healthier life!

Try our solutions and improve the quality of your life!