Weighted duvet for insomnia - how does sleeping under a weighted duvet affect sleep quality?

Insomnia is a serious problem that affects more and more people. It is said to occur when there are difficulties in falling asleep and staying asleep, in addition there is...

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What is a weighted duvet and how does it work?

The weighted duvet (sensory duvet) looks like an ordinary one, but it is not. It is heavier and serves as an effective tool for treating deep sensation disorders. It puts a...

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Depression and a weighted duvet – how can a weighted duvet help you fight depression?

Depression is a serious mental problem suffered by up to 10% of the population in Poland. Its symptoms are primarily associated with our psyche: the person affected usually...

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What are the benefits of sleeping under a weighted blanket?

The quality of sleep is very important for both mental and physical health. Therefore, you need to take care of sleep hygiene so that you can make the best of your sleep. With...

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A weighted duvet for children – why you may need to have one?

Every parent is well aware of the importance of good sleep for their child. While asleep, the body goes through many essential processes that stimulate their proper growth and...

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