Weighted blanket SENRIC™ AIR

your way to enjoy a peaceful sleep

The quality of sleep determines a lot: your health, mood, energy and concentration. Do you have difficulties in falling asleep or you wake up tired? Change it and see the power of true, regenerating sleep. To do so, choose the weighted blanket Senric™ Air

What is weighted blanket?

The weighted blanket is neither an ordinary blanket nor a regular quilt. It is a brand-new product on the market, designed by Senric™ on the basis of our know-how and experience.

How does it work?

  • Tick blue You can feel a soft pressure on the body when you cover yourself with it – it makes you feel safer, relaxed and calm.
  • Tick blue You can stimulate your proprioceptive system – responsible for „proprioception”, which lets you get rid of a sense of anxiety and regenerate easier.
  • Tick blue You can prolong the deep sleep – it is when your organism charges. And you are well-rested and full of energy when waking up.

You can use the weighted blanket both an night and during day naps. Thanks to this, you can discover a new quality of sleep.

Specialists confirm that the sensory products are effective.
Our customers confirm it as well. For this reason, if you choose one of out weighted blankets, you can be sure it will satisfy your expectations

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How is the weighted
blanket Senric™ Air different?

Senric™ Air is a new-generation weighted blanket – designed with most demanding customers in mind.


  • Tick blue Exclusive premium sensory product.

  • Tick blue It has been made of two top-quality materials: highly soft and exclusive satin cotton or top-quality solid cotton, and soft and pleasurable 3-layer quilted cotton (cotton, lining and interlining, between which air layers can be found). Thanks to this combination, the blanket provides you with top comfort at various temperatures and is exceptionally soft and gentle. The fabrics have been granted the certificate of OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and TUV-Rheinland

  • Tick blue Available in several sizes of various weight. This is why you can easily order a suitable model. The weight of the blanket must be about 10% of your body’s weight.

  • Tick blue It is filled with glass micro-spheres and is densely quilted – thanks to this, its weight is distributed evenly. In effect, the blanket presses against your body gently and evenly.
  • SAFE

  • Tick blue It has been made of materials safe to your body – also intended for allergy sufferers. Fabrics have been granted a certificate of OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and TUV-Rheinland

  • Tick blue Our weighted blanket is manufactured in Europe. All materials required for production are manufactured in Europe too.

It is one of the most effective sensory products on the market.
Buy it now to sleep well.

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