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Healthy and peaceful sleep – this is what your organism needs to make sure it functions properly throughout the day. Do you have difficulty in falling asleep? Long and stressful days prevent you from “switching off” and diving into the world of deep regenerating sleep? Do you deal with a sense of anxiety and fear? These symptoms are getting more and more common.

There is a simple solution to theses problems, though. It is all about a well-selected sensory quilt. It has been supplementing the sensory integration therapy for children for years. Anyone who wants to improve the quality of their sleep may choose this product.

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The benefits of using the sensory duvet have been confirmed by the experts.
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What is
sensory quilt?

A sensory quilt is also referred to as weighted quilt. It is heavier than ordinary quilt because its interior is filled with glass micro-spheres. If perfectly selected, it should weigh more or less 10% of your body weight. In effect:

  • Tick blue it gently presses your body when you sleep – as a result a system responsible for proprioception is stimulated,
  • Tick blue it makes you feel hugged or embraced gently – this raises the sense of security and comfort,
  • Tick blue it relaxes – reduces stress and boosts melatonin production (sleep-wake cycle hormone),
  • Tick blue raises quality of sleep – prolongs REM (deep sleep) phase so that you can rest better than ever before.
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Sensory quilts
in IS therapy

Sensory quilts perform especially well for children who deal with sensory integration issues. It is recommended as an element of the therapy – e.g. with regard to Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, autism and other psychosomatic disorders. It is important that you choose a model of a suitable load, so that it is perfectly adapted to your child’s weight and height.

How to use
a sensory quilt?

A weighted quilt is a perfect cover for the night – it can easily replace the standard thermal quilt, both in winter and summer. Its unique filling easily adapts to the temperature and provides best protection. You can also use it during short naps and replace baby blankets with it. The key is to choose a perfect size.

Modern sensory
quilts – order now!

Do you want to order a sensory quilt? See our offer. Our quilts:

  • Tick green are made of high-quality fabrics – have been granted a certificate of Trustworthy Textile Oeko-Tex Standard 100; they are therefore harmless to body, pleasurable to touch and friendly to allergy sufferers,
  • Tick green are available in a wide range of sizes – we can also provide you with a tailor-made variant,
  • Tick green have an interesting design – you can find colorful variants and the ones with subdued colors (suitable to persons sensitive to vivid colors),

Would you like to learn more? Contact our advisers and order the perfect quilt!

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