Sensory pillows SENRIC™

support to IS therapy and more

A sensory pillow is an obligatory item for sensory integration exercises. Similar to sensory quilts, they are filled with a special insert which makes it heavier. Thanks to this, it stimulates the proprioceptive system and lets you get more and more control over the so-called “proprioception”.

Sensory pillows are used:

  • Tick blue during professional IS therapy conducted by a specialist,
  • Tick blue when doing home exercises under IS therapy,
  • Tick blue when doing rehabilitation exercises,
  • Tick blue as ergonomic pillows which raise comfort, also when you sleep.
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    How is the sensory
    pillow different?

    Our sensory pillows:

    • Tick blue are made of soft, pleasurable to the touch and natural fabrics holding a certificate of Trustworthy Textile Oeko-Tex Standard 100 – friendly to allergy sufferers and durable,
    • Tick blue are available in a wide range of sizes – you can easily find the one adapted to child’s or adult’s needs,
    • Tick blue are filled with a load – high-quality micro-spheres,
    • Tick blue are available in various colors and shapes – you can easily choose the model adapted to your needs.

    Should you have any questions or doubts, contact us. Our advisers are always at your disposal.

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