Sensory blanket SENRIC™

healthy sleep for your child

A sensory blanket serves to improve the quality of your child’s sleep and can be used shortly after the birth. This unique product gently loads down the child’s body. By doing so:

  • Tick blue it stimulates the proprioceptive system – lets your child develop proper reaction to sensory stimuli (it is also part of SI therapy),
  • Tick blue it raises a sense of security – the child feels as if it is hugged or embraced, thus helping it fall asleep.
  • Our sensory

    Our sensory blanket we offer:

    • Tick blue has two layers: the first is a gentle cotton fabric, the other is velvety soft Minky fabric – they wrap the baby and provide it with top comfort,
    • Tick blue is quilted and filled with glass micro-spheres which assure balanced and suitable therapeutic load,
    • Tick blue is available in several sizes and weights – our experts will help you choose the best variant for your child,
    • Tick blue is made of fabrics which have been granted a certificate of Trustworthy Textile Oeko-Tex Standard 100 – which guarantees security and best quality.
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    Thanks to the sensory blanket, your child’s sleep will be healthy and safe as early as in the first years of its life. Use it in the baby’s crib, when you go for a walk with a sleeping baby, as well as during power naps.

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