Kołdra SENRIC® Premium Grafitowa

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SENRIC® Premium Duvet Graphite

How can you ensure comfort, extra sleeping convenience and a more complete and proper rest? With a SENRIC® Premium duvet with exceptional properties and aesthetics!

What is the SENRIC® Premium Weighted Duvet?

This is an innovative product for everyday use. Thanks to its design, the duvet ensures a deeper sleep and a more complete rest, and thus also a better feeling of well-being!

By means of a gentle but perceptible weight, the duvet stimulates the sensory system and stimulates deep sensation. This allows you to calm down faster before bedtime and reduces your stress levels. With the weighted duvet, you will sleep better and greet the new day with a new energy!

The duvet is made of the highest quality cotton, certified with Trustworthy Textiles Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Additional comfort is provided by a double layer of cotton fabric and a soft, zipped velvet cover in an aesthetic graphite colour!

This is a product of the highest quality created by specialists. Choose only proven Premium class products!