How to use a weighted duvet?

How to use a weighted duvet?

Using a weighted duvet, also known as a sensory quilt, has many advantages. Because it is quite heavy, it presses the body against the mattress, thus stimulating the deep sensory system, resulting in better function. The weighted duvet helps to reduce anxiety and lower stress levels, is excellent for calming down and makes it easier to fall asleep. It works well in the treatment of various diseases and ailments. However, in order for it to perform its function well, the body needs to be gradually accustomed to it at the beginning of its use. This is because you cannot immediately start sleeping under a sensory duvet all night. Learn how to use a weighted duvet correctly to gain the most benefit from using it.

Weighted duvet – how to use?

Due to the fact that the sensory duvet is much heavier than a regular duvet, you should get used to it gradually. A common mistake is to replace the existing quilt with a weighted duvet. Instead, at the beginning you should only cover the legs with the weighted duvet and with each passing day move the quilt higher and higher so that it covers more and more areas of the body, while remembering not to cover the neck or head with it.

How long can you lie under a weighted duvet?

Another important issue is the time that can be spent under the sensory duvet at the beginning of its use. For the first few days (minimum 3), it is recommended to use the duvet for about 15 minutes a day. You can then gradually increase the time spent under the weighted duvet. During the next 7 days, it is recommended to lie under the covers for about an hour. For the next 10 days, it is best to spend no more than 2 hours under it. After three weeks, when the body is slightly used to the load, you can cover yourself with a weighted duvet for up to several hours.

During the first month of using the weighted duvet, it is not recommended to sleep under it all night. The body, after a sudden change of an old, light duvet into a much heavier quilt, could experience a shock. In such a case, we would not achieve the expected therapeutic effect, on the contrary - we could conclude that the quilt does not fulfill its function.

The use of weighted duvet in children

The gradual accustoming of the body to the weight of the sensory duvet also applies to children. At the beginning of use, try to persuade your child to spend several minutes under the duvet for a few days, several dozen minutes for the next few days, and gradually extend this time until he can stay under the duvet for several hours. At the same time, watch your baby's reaction to ensure that the weighted blanket is actually serving him.

Once your baby gets used to the new duvet, you should not sleep underneath it all night long. Watch over your child's sleep, first of all, do not let the duvet stretch over her neck and face, and after some time change the weighted duvet to a regular one. Remember that the main role of the sensory blanket is not to provide warmth, but to calm down the body and make it easier to fall asleep.