A weighted duvet for children – why you may need to have one?

Every parent is well aware of the importance of good sleep for their child. While asleep, the body goes through many essential processes that stimulate their proper growth and development. It is also a time of intensive regeneration of the body.

It is the parents’ role to ensure that their children get high quality, effective sleep. A weighted duvet can make it happen. See how your baby can benefit from sleeping under a weighted duvet and when you may need to use it instead of a standard duvet.

Children's weighted duvet – what is it?

A weighted duvet, also known as a sensory duvet, is heavier than the standard duvet (from a few to even several kilograms). During sleep, the duvet puts a pressure on the body creating a deep touch pressure stimulation (proprioceptive system). This is why it is used in a type of occupational therapy to treat deep sensation disorders.

The sensory duvet is recommended primarily to people who want to improve their sleep. It stimulates the proprioceptive system responsible for the sense of orientation of your body in space, helps to calm down and makes it easier to fall asleep. It is used as part of SI (sensory integration) therapy in children.

What children are weighted duvets and pillows made for?

Sleeping under a sensory duvet offers many benefits to both healthy children and those with health issues. The purchase of such a duvet should be considered especially by parents of children who have difficulties falling asleep and suffering from sleep disorders.

The weighted duvet is recommended for children with sensory therapy prescribed. It proves effective in treating ailments such as ADHD, autism, Asperger's syndrome, anxiety disorders and states, cerebral palsy or other psychosomatic problems.

However, it should be remembered that for people with serious health problems, sleeping under a sensory duvet may only be part of the therapy. A little patient should receive constant care of a doctor specialised in treating the specific disorder.

Weighted duvet for children – advantages

A sensory duvet improves sleep quality – your child will wake up in a good mood, refreshed, full of energy and ready for new challenges. While asleep, the baby feels comfortable and safe, and gets the sensation of being hugged by a beloved one.

A weighted duvet reduces stress levels, produces a calming effect, and increases focus during the day. In addition, it decreases the activity of the central nervous system and unwanted movement at night.

How to select the weight and size of a weighted duvet for a child?

Weighted duvets available on the market come in various sizes and weights. The weight of the sensory duvet should be tailored to child’s individual needs.

How to select the right weight of the duvet? The weight of the duvet should be approximately 10% of the child's weight. For example, if your child weighs 20 kg, the weight of the sensory duvet should be about 2 kg.

The size of the duvet does not matter that much. The dimensions of weighted duvets usually range from 60 x 100 cm to even 155 x 220 cm.