What are the benefits of sleeping under a weighted blanket?

The quality of sleep is very important for both mental and physical health. Therefore, you need to take care of sleep hygiene so that you can make the best of your sleep. With the weighted duvet you will obtain a satisfactory sleep quality. Learn about the benefits of sleeping under a weighted blanket.

The weighted duvet, also known as a sensory one, is a therapeutic duvet weighing from one to several kilograms, used in deep sensation therapy. Applying pressure on the body stimulates the proprioceptive system responsible for the sense of orientation of your body in space, and reduces anxiety. What other positive effects does the use of weighted blankets have on our body?

Reduces stress levels and calms you down

Sensory blanket helps your body calm down and break free of the concerns and worries of everyday life. Negative thoughts go away to be replaced by restful sleep. Sleeping under a weighted duvet soothes your nerves and reduces anxiety. It has been designed in a way that triggers the release of ‘feel-good hormones,’ contributing to the reduction of stress levels that can be destructive to the body.

Provides high sleeping comfort

Weighted blanket acts well while sleeping, especially during the deep sleep phase, when the body regenerates most effectively. You wake up refreshed, full of energy and ready for new challenges.

Increases concentration during the day

Sensory duvet allows for peaceful sleep and effective rest, which improves your concentration at daytime. Well-rested people are better focused on their tasks, so they act more effectively. In addition, the users of weighted blankets proved to have better social interactions.

Reduces movements when asleep

Weighted blanket is recommended for people with restless sleep issues, as it helps reduce night-time fidgeting and get a good night’s sleep. This is primarily dedicated to people suffering from RLS. While asleep, you may feel as if you were in a cocoon, which reduces your legs’ involuntary and rapid movements.

Helps fight against insomnia

Sensory blanket can be a perfect solution if you struggle with insomnia or sleep issues. Good quality of sleep improves the functioning of the endocrine system and well-being. You need to know that any disturbances in this area may exacerbate symptoms of depression.

Gives a sense of security

The weighted blanket puts a gentle and pleasant pressure on your body, giving you a sense of security and relaxation. The illusion that it produces feels like a hug by another person. With the sensory blanket on, you can fall asleep peacefully with the sensation as if you have been covered by your beloved one.