Depression and a weighted duvet – how can a weighted duvet help you fight depression?

Depression is a serious mental problem suffered by up to 10% of the population in Poland. Its symptoms are primarily associated with our psyche: the person affected usually feels deeply upset, tired, has no energy and loses enthusiasm or interest in any activities, and is very likely to develop sleep disorders. The common methods used in depression treatment are pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy. Alternative home remedies, such as sleeping under a weighted duvet, can also produce positive effects. How does the use of weighted duvets help people suffering from depression?

Weighted duvet - invaluable remedy for depression

The weighted duvet (or a sensory duvet) is not an ordinary but a therapeutic duvet, with its weight ranging from a few to several kilograms and closely tailored to individual needs of the user. Sleeping under the duvet offers a lot of health benefits and alleviates many symptoms of depression. How can a sensory duvet help you fight depression?

Stimulates the proprioceptive system

During sleep, the sensory duvet puts a pressure on the human body and stimulates the proprioceptive system responsible for deep touch sensation. That is how it supports sensory integration, which stimulates the body and mind to be active, and additionally reduces the feeling of general anxiety. It decreases the levels of apathy, which is one of the symptoms of depression. The patient shows a greater interest in everyday and out-of-home activities.

Reduces the level of stress and tension

People with depression usually feel anxious and unrest, and negative thoughts are swirling around in their heads. Sleeping under a weighted duvet helps you release them and enter the rest mode, so that your stress levels go down, making your way into mental peace. The weighted duvet also help to calm your central nervous system and reduce symptoms such as shortness of breath and increased heart rate, which are most often the result of unjustified fear.

Gives you a sense of security

The sensory duvet is heavy in a way that gives your body the sensation of being hugged by another human being. This effect is achieved by stimulating your body with a deep pressure touch generated by the duvet. This gives you a sense of security and, above all, deep, peaceful sleep.

Helps with sleep problems

Good-quality sleep ensures proper functioning of the body, which is necessary for your health and well-being. For depression, which usually manifests itself in sleep disorders and insomnia, the sensory duvet will be the answer. You won’t have issue fall asleep and your body will be able to make the best of the deep sleep phase, bringing your hormones back to appropriate levels. After the overall regeneration that takes place during sleep, people with depression stay happier throughout the day.