Weighted blanket Cars with white background, minky blue

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Weighted blanket Cars with white background, minky blue

The weighted blanket will provide your baby with a healthy and peaceful sleep. It consists of two layers: a delicate and soft Minky fabric and a quilted and filled with glass microbeads cotton part, which provides the appropriate weight. It gives your baby the feeling of being cuddled, making it easier to fall asleep. In addition, the sensory blanket stimulates the proprioceptive system, i.e. helps to develop specialised receptors in the muscles, which allow to determine the position of the body and its parts in space. This improves psychomotor skills, which are useful even for the simplest activities.

The blanket is a therapeutic product that supports the child's development. Particular indications for its use are hyperactivity and overactivity, concentration problems, irritability and difficulty in coping with new situations. If your child shows at least one of these characteristics, it is worth considering buying a sensory blanket.

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